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One of the biggest reasons for yo-yo weight loss and gain is losing weight too quickly. You're also losing precious muscle tissue, which leads to a decrease in your metabolism, which is why the fat comes back so easily. Using the ROM machine at Quick Gym helps you to build muscle, which leads to increasing your metabolism, increased at burning and long-lasting weight loss results.

Cardio is an absolute necessity in life and the Quick Gym ROM machine will help you improve and maintain your cardiovascular system. Your heart and lungs improve from the increased heart rate during your workout, your heart pumps more blood throughout your body with less beats and your lungs will transport oxygen with much less effort. Essentially, cardio helps you to streamline your cardiovascular system and keeps you healthy overall.

All it takes is a 4-minute workout at Quick Gym of West Knoxville, LLC with the Quick Gym / ROM machine. You get 3 workouts in 1 - strengthening, cardio and flexibility.

The allowed range of motion of your joints is known as flexibility. Your quick 4-minute workouts on the Quick Gym ROM machine put you through a large range of motion exercises than you'd otherwise get from most traditional workouts. This increases your flexibility, improves physical performance, increases blood flow and nutrient supply to the muscles during sustained physical activity.

Quick Gym / ROM machine

The key to lasting weight loss is building muscle

You'll get a great cardio workout

Benefit with flexibility and stretching

Many people erroneously think that cardio and aerobics are synonymous. They aren't. Aerobic exercise is an activity done at a low - moderate intensity for more than 90 seconds.


This allows oxygen to release energy through your metabolism to receive cardiovascular benefits. Anaerobic exercise is an activity performed at medium - high intensity for a short period of time.


This means your body is using energy that isn't using oxygen. This also increases your cardiovascular function. There's no need to spend countless hours each week on a stationary bike or treadmill. Just 4-short minutes a day on the Quick Gym ROM machine will give you the cardio benefits and results you're looking for.

You'll get a great cardio workout

get a great cardio workout

Begin to build muscle to lose fat today


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