Quick Gym of West Knoxville complete workout a day

Yes! You CAN get a full-range workout in just 4-minutes at The Quick Gym with the Quick Gym ROM Machine! This workout - and the machine - are perfect for anyone, of any age, of any level of physical fitness. Quick Gym is a time saver - get about 45 minutes per week in gym compared to 3 hours with a comparable workout.

 • Burn fat and build muscle

 • Increase flexibility

 • Increase strength

 • Increase energy

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 • Normalize blood pressure

 • Balance blood sugar

 • Normalize cholesterol

 • Much more than can be listed here

Stop in to the Quick Gym of West Knoxville, LLC to see that it is not your typical gym! Learn more about how you can gain more total aerobic benefits in just 4-minutes a day and how this is more beneficial to you than just walking on a traditional treadmill for an hour.



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Not your typical gym

A complete workout in just 4-minutes a day

Physical benefits:

Health benefits:

Not your typical gym

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